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Waterstone Estates Wedding Photographer
Sunset Photo:  Waterstone Estate & Farms Wedding
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Wedding Ceremony Photographer at Waterstone Estate
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Waterstone Estate & Farms Wedding Ceremony Photographer
Waterstone Estate Elopement Photographer
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Situated just outside of Newmarket in King Township, this 100 acre farm has rolling hills, views of the forest, expansive fields, stream and a lake. Couples have exclusive use of the entire farm property on their wedding day.

Waterstone Estate is ideal for getting ready, your ceremony, all your portraits and reception making it a great all in one wedding venue. The Grand Room, with its cathedral ceilings can seat up to 150 ppl including room for a DJ and dance floor. The bar area is ideal for your cocktail space or buffet location.

With multiple outdoor locations, you have a choice from 3 terrace levels for wedding ceremonies including a covered gazebo. My favourite location for the ceremony is this gorgeous hand strewn beam barn.


Beautiful and plentiful photography locations with gorgeous country elegance. It's a unique facility with a barn, horses, great sunsets, fences and lot's of areas for great portraits.

I would love to come back to this Newmarket wedding venue, so contact us when your ready to book photography!

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