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Peel Art Gallery Museum Wedding Photos (PAMA)

The ambiance at Peel Art Gallery is stunning for weddings looking for moody images. As a wedding photographer, first and foremost we search out great light.

The ceremony space in the courtroom is different, eclectic and moody for wedding nuptials. We love the balcony for a different vantage point in your photographs.

The upstairs space with it's curved windows is so beautiful for your wedding pictures. The space is a great location for an indoor backup if the weather is not ideal on your wedding day. The hallways are also great options for portraits and the staircase is a must.

PAMA Art Gallery

Journalistic Wedding Photos at Peel Art Gallery & Museum

Peel Art Gallery Museum Wedding Photography

Twirling Bride:  Peel Art Gallery Wedding Photographer

Brampton Wedding Photographer at Peel Art Gallery

Art Gallery Brampton Wedding Photographer

Bride Plays with Veil:  Black and White Wedding Photographer

PAMA Art Gallery Wedding Photographer

Wedding Party Walking:  Brampton Wedding Photographer

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