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Wedding Image Delivery Time

I don't want to keep you waiting for your wedding photography photos, so I typically deliver your images in approximately 21 days.

I guarantee in the contract 6-8 weeks for your wedding photography but usually go above and beyond what I promise and deliver in around 21 days. Other photographers in my area promise delivery in 8-10 weeks, not me.


Once we finish culling and editing all the images from your wedding we will upload them all to your online proofing gallery. Then you'll receive an email with instructions to view and download.

The gallery link is private, but you can share the link with family and friends to view the photos from your wedding. At that point, once they have access they will be able to complete any of the tasks below too.

Allowing friends and family access to your gallery of photos saves you from placing any print orders for them after the wedding day.

All your images will live in your private proofing gallery and from there you'll be able to:

  1. download a full-resolution set to your computer
  2. share web-sized images to social media
  3. choose your favourite for an album or cards
  4. buy prints or products
  5. your gallery will be live until your expiry date
  6. you'll be able to access your gallery anytime


You are responsible to download and safeguard your images once delivered. We highly recommend saving your wedding photos to an external hard drive, in the cloud and a portable USB stick.

  1. Proofing galleries are not an image backup system for the CLIENT
  2. The CLIENT is responsible for safekeeping and backing up images from the EVENT.
  3. The CLIENT is responsible for downloading all images from proofing galleries.
  4. $$ is charged to the CLIENT to reload proofing gallery after expiry, reload usb, reorder albums or reorder products in addition to cost of product ordered.

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