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Black & White Wedding Photos

We deliver a full custom edited colour and B&W wedding gallery to our clients.

This is where it all began, black and white film photography is my passion and I still shoot film to this day at weddings.

I began my photography career as a journalistic family photographer before it was all the rage. I documented family life in a 100% candid style. Took the film to a lab and waited to see the results then made an appointment to meet with my clients to show them the contact sheet of images and they chose which ones they wanted to get printed.

Fast forward to 2024 and film photography is back with a vengeance......and I'm happy to oblige the clients who love the art by providing film images to them as well. You'll often see me with 2 digital camera bodies and a film camera around my neck for most of the day.

What if you don't request film photography though you say? Well, i'll still edit your digital image files to look like B&W film and deliver a gallery of black and white photos along with your colour gallery.

It's not exactly the same as nothing compares to true B&W film but you'll still get the genuine feel of black and white photography with a conversion in post production.

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