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Encore Portrait Session

Encore Portrait Session

Extreme weather on wedding day hinders beautiful portraits you wanted. We offer free encore portraits for couples wanting to get dressed again to capture beautiful portraits they would have missed out on because of bad weather.

Extreme weather on a couple's wedding day makes for a very stressful situation where wedding photography is concerned. Couple's may have dreamed of beautiful photos on the property of their wedding venue or nearby at a separate epic location.

In extreme cases, weather such as snow storms or torrential downpours will not allow us to photograph in certain locations. Couple's also do not want to risk all the time and money spent on hair & makeup or wish to get their wedding attire ruined for wedding day photography.

In these cases, where weather is a factor, we offer ENCORE SESSIONS to our couple's willing to get back into their wedding attire and head to their favourite location.


Here are the requirements to validate an Encore Session

  • this offer applies only on extreme weather conditions
  • this offer applies only if the weather prevented all of the couples scheduled portrait session
  • this offer applies only for the return to the original location
  • all permits and fees are the clients responsibility
  • this offer expires 8 weeks after the wedding date
  • scheduling is subject to availability
  • clients must wear wedding attire
  • offer valid for the couple only
  • 90 minute photography session

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