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JPEG files


Universal photographic files are a compressed JPG file.

JPG which is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group and is a commonly used method, especially amongst photographers particularly for digital images produced.

Since 1992, JPG has been the most widely used image compression standard in the world by professional wedding photographers, and most widely used digital image format which is great for generations to come in being able to view and print the images.


  1. The day after a wedding I will download all the image files to my computer, backup system and cloud backup system. Yes, I backup all images to 3 places and from there I will begin the culling process.
  2. I will go through all the images and make my selections from all the RAW files captured.
  3. I deliver all the images that are in focus and some that are out of focus especially if they are creative or have a great moment.
  4. I deliver all the images where your eyes are open.
  5. I deliver all the images that are similar but with different expressions.
  6. So, in other words I deliver a lot of images.
  7. I do not limit or cap the images that I deliver like other photographers do. Some photographers only deliver a certain amount of images because they cap the amount of images they want to edit.
  8. Once the images are edited, I will upload them to your proofing gallery where you will receive an email with instructions to download the high resolution image files.

High Resolution - Full-size Images

  1. You will receive full size JPG image files.
  2. Full size JPG files have more details when viewed and printed in large formats which means you'll have access to the best possible resolution on every device and whatever size prints you would like.
  3. Large resolution files also allow for extreme cropping if required in photograph prints. Want to zoom in on a particular part of your image? no problem you'll still achieve good image quality.

Colour Images

  1. I select and colour correct all images captured on wedding days and deliver in colour.

If I deliver black and white images in your colour gallery they can not be converted back. The reason I choose to deliver the image in black and white is because the moment was probably great but the technicality of the image file wasn't so great but it worked beautifully as a black and white image therefore I chose to still deliver the image rather than delete the file.

Black & White Images

  1. If you request a set of black & white images, I will convert all your delivered colour images into black & white JPG's as well. Therefore, you'll have a set of colour and black & white instead of you having to convert your JPEG files which will essentially render you a better quality image file.

Some images are just better in black & white, such as journalistic moments, or out of focus images or images that have an odd colour cast or odd lens flare.

Social Media or Web-sized Images

  1. In your proofing gallery you and your guests have the ability to easily download or share web-sized or social media sized image files from the wedding day.
  2. All social media or web-sized image files will include our watermark. We truly appreciate any images shared to social media include our watermark and remain in the manner in which they were edited.
  3. Please do not add filters to the images when sharing to social media so that we can continue to deliver a cohesive set of images to our couples.

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