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How Many Images Per Hour

Journalistic wedding photographers usually deliver around 100 images per hour.

Certain variables will affect the amount of images delivered on a wedding day. Because of certain factors on your wedding day we can't guarantee the amount of images we will shoot and deliver.

  1. As journalistic wedding photographers we photograph everything including moments, reactions, decor, guests, details almost everything. The one thing we don't photograph is people eating cause who wants to see that?
  2. A traditional photographer will document the required "shot list shots" and a few candids here and there. Typically, a traditional photographer will pose and stage the images they require to deliver a cohesive portrayal of your wedding day.

Image Count Factors During Portrait/Engagement Shoots

1. Wardrobe and Makeup Changes will affect the amount of photographs that are delivered. The more time you spend changing your outfit or makeup .... the less time you have in front of the camera.

I recommend 1 outfit change per portrait shoot.

2. Locations recommended is two, and more locations than two is less time in front of the camera. Changing locations including drive time or walk time is factored into your session time and the more changes the less time you have in front of the camera resulting in less images.

3. Most of our portrait sessions are photographed during golden hour because that's the best light of the day. So, if you're late we shoot until the designated time and the light will also dictate the amount of time we can take pictures which can result in less images for deliverables.

4. The weather may play a huge factor also in the amount of images delivered. Winter portrait/engagement photography are a whole different set of challenges. It may be too cold to stay outdoors for the entire session time or the heavy snow fall may alter your look and result in you not liking your deliverables.

Image Count Factors During a Wedding Day

1. Getting Ready: The main factor that hinders images during the getting ready part of the day is hair and makeup still being there when we are scheduled to start. If hair and makeup is still working when we arrive we typically have to wait to create our images because the beauty team will have placed you in great light and will have all their tools and supplies out to work which is not conducive to our style of pretty pictures. However, this particularly refers to if you're getting ready in a hotel room. Hair and makeup is not a factor if you have multiple rooms, an airbnb, your home or multiple suites in a hotel.

2. Ceremony: Specifically, the ceremony may have restrictions on how or where we can shoot which will limit the amount of photos. Such as churches, where we are restricted to the aisles only, or docks where we can't walk around you, or cosy spaces we can't move around in. The more we can move around during your ceremony the more photos will be captured and delivered.

3. Driving to Locations: Do you want to go to the park, or down the street to a bridge or in a hotel lobby for your first look? Travel time will greatly hinder your timeline and the amount of photos we can deliver on a wedding day. I highly recommend having a first look session either at the hotel where you will BOTH be getting ready, of carve out 15 minutes before the ceremony at the ceremony location.

The more we have to travel the less time we have to take pictures. Review your location choices with your photographer. Packing up gear and then unpacking gear and then packing gear back up again takes time. What about travel delays, or construction or traffic? these are all obstacles you have to consider when you research locations.

4. Wedding Party Size: Smaller wedding parties have less photos than larger wedding parties.

5. Guest Count: We capture a lot of guest captures so the more guests you have and the more fun they have the more pictures you get.

6. Family Groupings: Smaller family groupings with minimal portraits versus large family dynamics and more groupings will give you more photos.

7. Reception Coverage: We photograph grand entrances, first dances, reception decor, speeches, and parent dances. Some weddings have extra entertainment or activities for their guests such as drummers or Chinese dragons, the traditional bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting or games. More activities equals more photos.

8. Timeline Factor: The more time you factor in for your private portrait session, which is usually one hour, will directly result in the amount of photos we can create. Less time means less photos and less variety of photos.

9. Weather: The weather plays a huge factor in your wedding day photos. Sometimes it's way too hot, or too cold or too windy or raining.

Factors During Events

1. Guest Count: The more guests you have the more photos you'll have. The more fun your guests are having the more photos you'll have.

2. Speeches: If you have a couple speakers, you'll have less images than if you have numerous interactive speakers.

3. Planned Groupings: If you plan on having camera aware guest captures of everyone entering the event, you'll have a lot more photos than if you plan on having a photo booth.

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