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Do I Need Two Photographers at My Wedding?

As a wedding photographer, I can shoot events alone for most full days, but it doesn't mean that I should. If you're having multiple locations and over 200 guest I'll bring an assistant or second photographer to give you the best coverage possible.

My collections include 2 photographers or a lead photographer and an assistant photographer depending on which option you choose.


Below is an explanation of single versus double shooters.

  • New photographers have second shooters and hire more experience photographers to go with them to back them up as they learn how weddings work and learn how to work with different kinds of light.
  • Having 2 photographers is definitely piece of mind on a wedding day. On shooter is directing the day and getting all the shot list shots while the second shooter is getting all the candids and creatives.

When researching photographers choose someone with 10+ years experience and can shoot a regular wedding day alone in any kind of lighting situation.
You can also tell when someone is new to photography if all their images look the same.....same light, same backgrounds means that's all they know, but wedding days are very complex and you never know what's going to happen or what kind of light you're going to be dealing with so trust someone with experience in photography with different lighting situations.

The last couple of years with COVID, really weeded out the weekend warriors ( photographers who shoot weddings on the weekend for extra money), as opposed to the full time pro who does photography because it's what they love to do and they run a full time business doing photography.

COVID forced all of us to shoot alone again because of the numbers that were allowed at venues and we have all realized that looking for second shooters with experience is hard to find and weeding through thousands of crappy images to find 20 from your second shooter is not worth it.

Most of the wedding photographers I know only bring a second shooter because it was a marketing trick to book the wedding and when it comes to the wedding day will head over to their social media to see who wants to come along. Of course, they'll choose someone with experience, but what real wedding photographer is willing to give up a prime weekend date to second shoot if they can book their own wedding client and make 4 times as much.

In my opinion, 5 hour weddings with under 75 guests do not need 2 photographers especially if you're hiring a journalistic style photographer.

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