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Wedding Albums

I include a wedding album in my full day wedding collections. Wedding photography should be displayed and enjoyed.


  • I will commence the book/album design process once the proofing gallery is posted and live.
  • Collections, unless stated otherwise include a 6x6 custom designed, lay-flat book with image wrap cover or plain hard cover in black.
  • A favourites list must be created for the book/album before the proofing gallery expires if you wish complete control over how the album is designed.
  • I will consider/but not obligated to using images from your favourites gallery if you have chosen favourites before we create the book/album design.
  • I have complete control over the style, image choice and design choice of the book/album included in your collection to reflect the style of my company. However, you have complete control over which images can be in the book/album and the opportunity to work with me to design the book/album.
  • This entire book/ album design process is easily done online via your personal portal.
  • Your personal portal was sent to you when you signed your booking proposal.....please review your emails.
  • You may custom design, upgrade to lay-flat archival heirloom album, choose the images and upsize, but this must be completed before your gallery expires.
  • Email me with any upgrades and i'll modify the book/album once the invoice is paid.
  • All book/album modifications must be approved and paid for before the proofing gallery expires.

Album Price List

I can easily design the book/album with opening wow image and 2 full page spreads without your input. You are not required to approve the final design before it is sent to the bookbinders.

Within 4 weeks of starting the design, said book/album will be deleted if no modifications have been implemented.


It's time to build your favourites list in your proofing gallery.

  • go to your image gallery and hover your mouse over an image & choose favourite images by clicking on the heart
  • build your list and hit send to photographer
  • once we receive your favourites list we will begin an album design for you
  • ideally, choose 5-7 images from each section of your day for a well rounded album such as 7 images from getting ready, then 7 images from the ceremony, then 7 images from your portraits, then 7 images from your reception.
  • family formals and wedding parties can also be added if you want.

Approximately 40 images in total.

I will then begin the album design considering your favourites list and send you the first revision.

The revisions live in your gallery for easy access anytime before your online gallery expires.

CLICK ON THE HEART TO CHOOSE FAVOURITES then go to the top right hand corner to view favourites or the print order


The album process is quick and easy and all done online.

  • Once I complete the first draft of the book/album design I will upload it to your portal
  • In your portal, hover the mouse over Album Proofs to view your book/album design
  • Open the book/album design and review
  • Click on an image to leave a comment and instructions.....such as the one in the photo above:
  • ie. delete image, move image to page 4, make image a feature image, replace image with file # XXXXXX etc.
  • Complete comments on all album spreads then hit send and I will start revision #2.
  • You will receive 3 revisions to make the album perfect.
  • Next we will choose the album cover image and ask if you wish to have the album upsized or add a parent(s) album
  • Albums and products in your collection expire at your 1 year anniversary

A fee of $300 will be implemented to reload your proofing gallery for 1 month in order to build your album once your proofing gallery expires.

Book/album design/and or delivery expires on 1 year anniversary


Heirloom or Non-Heirloom

Both albums are beautiful.

  • Heirloom uses archival photo paper…..meant to look great for a very long time.
  • Non Heirloom uses photo paper, but not officially archival.

Choose an heirloom album for longevity.

Parent Book/Albums

  • Parent book/albums purchased are duplicate designs sized at 6x6
    Additional spreads and upsize costs added to the couple's album will also be added to duplicate parent albums.
  • Individually, custom ordered parent book/albums are also available to order via the proofing gallery & can be of any size and custom designed according to parents own favourites list.
  • Additional custom books/albums not included will require 50% down payment before the design process begins.
  • Design of books/albums will not begin until the down payment is received and book/album will not be ordered or sent to bookbinders until all outstanding invoices are paid in full.

Album Delivery

The book/album will ship without notice to the address on file immediately upon completion.

Most book/album designs happen in November, December, January when my shooting and editing schedule is lighter.

108 Gordon Crescent, Meaford, ON N4L 0A9 - (416) 526-2005 francesmorency@gmail.com

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